Final Touch Audio: Sinope USB Cable



After the launch of the incredible Callisto USB cable, and it’s remarkable popularity, we decided to revisit this subject. Quite how do we improve on the Callisto’s performance? Going back to the drawing board, and keeping the accuracy and natural sound already attained in the Callisto, many many hours were spent in the lab trying to push the performance further. It is not just a fact to gain one aspect over another. For example more transparency, depth, soundstage and dynamics. In too many cases in USB cables, one or the other of these characteristics fight with each other and destroy the emotion in the music. The really difficult aspect is retaining the emotion in the music, yet get even closer to the source material, reveal more information. In other words get more of what we want, and none of the downsides.

With the Sinope, we are pleased to announce we have achieved it. There is much more to offer in USB audio, it is a case of finding a way to extract it AND retain accurate timbre and realism in the source at the same time. To say we are excited with the Sinope is an understatement!


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