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Ganymede is a product of years of meticulous work in terms of finding the right balance of materials used and the geometry which will yield the optimal aural result.
Our main objective and focus was to provide a cable that is providing an unobtrusive but still seductive sound signature. During our research and many hours spent in the listening rooms we have found that Ganymede meets the goals we have set in front of ourselves and that makes us exceptionally proud.
Ganymede interconnects are made from top of the line copper alloy which is wrapped in cotton impregnated in oil. RCA and XLR versions of cable are available while during extensive testing sessions we have found that only top of the line silver connectors are providing desired results.
Ganymede is able to convey all bits and pieces of musical information in perfect order which as a consequence gives you an opportunity to hear the music and emotions as an author intended to. Having this in mind and the fact that cable is meticulously handcrafted, this makes the Ganymede a unique product that represents a Final Touch in audiophiles’ audio system.

NOTE: For 2020 we are now using the top of the line ETI plugs with all Ganymede cables. These in combination with the Ganymede have a simply superb sonic performance.


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